Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vinyl Recap: Season 1. Episode 4: The Racket

Hannibal delivers a "Sly" performance
What Worked, Vinyl, Episode 4: 
  • American Century executives squabbling in the limo while returning from the funeral of Buck.  Realistic dialogue that shows the love-hate relationship amongst the men while revealing some of the harsh realities of the music business.
  • Val's (Ray Romano) anger-filled  breakfast with mutton-chopped Val.  Once again, Romano steals every scene he's in.
  • The use of music (natch).  Especially noteworthy in this episode: "Superfly" and Joplin's "Cry Baby."
  • Lester Grimes becoming the manager for The Nasty Bits.  That transition really worked.  And Lester's contract negotiation with Richie was sharp, tense, and  felt like it was written by someone with direct music industry experience. 
  • Detectives showing up at Richie's office to question him about the murder.  Those scenes are becoming increasingly anxiety-provoking.
  • Devon Finestra at the divorce lawyer's office.  Perfectly played scene and the lawyer was beautifully written and was played as a cynical, tough-as-nails defender of women who ultimately wouldn't take Devon's case.  

What Didn't Work, Vinyl Episode 4:
  • The opening scene in the marriage counselor's office with Richie hitting the pillow.
  • The overstocking of Donny Osmond records.  It could have been a good bit but it was never explained adequately. 
Overall Grade for Vinyl Episode 4: (A-)  This series is starting to take off.  It's providing a fascinating glimpse into the 70s music scene featuring compelling characters, great music and tense situations.  

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